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At Bron Yr Aur, we are proud to support our local communities. The Naches community, Veterans, and outdoor activities are near and dear to our heart - taking precedence in our decision-making process.



To be considered for any donation you must:

1. Have a 501c3 Federal Tax ID #

2. Include Bron Yr Aur in promotional media, such as social media, event posters, etc. (please request a logo if needed or visit our press kit. If you need help with the files, or help deciding which logo to use - please reach out to us. Do not copy a low quality image from the internet)

3. Give at least 30 days notice

Beer Donations:

  • Organization must have a “Special Occasion License” from the Washington State Liquor Control Board in the 501c3/501c6 organization’s name to allow us to donate beer. You will need a copy of this to attach to our form. 
  • Donation recipients are responsible for applicable equipment deposits and return.
  • All donation kegs must be picked up at Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.
  • Recipients must be 21 or over with valid ID.
  • All kegs must be returned within 24 hours after the event, unless otherwise arranged in advance.
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